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07 Wheel Question PLEASE RESPOND

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i have a bent front wheel and have been searching for a good buy on one. i found this and was wondering if anyone could give me some info on it. it is a NEW DELKEVIC SV1000 sv SV 1000 2003-2007 Replacement Front Wheel. first of all i was wondering if it will fit an 07 sv650. it looks the same but wanted to verify. also wondering if it is an oem part or aftermarket company. the buy it now price is 169.99 so i was guessing it is aftermarket. local dealer want 425 or so when i called last fall. also if it is aftermarket has anyone herd of the brand or reiliablit or quality of the wheel. last if anyone has a very good condition wheel i am looking for or knows where to find one that is reasonable can you please let me know. thank you
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The SV1000 does not have the same wheel as the 650. The sv1000 does not have a speedo drive at the front wheel and the axle is bigger
Will not work on 650 unless you have an USD fork conversion.
Its aftermarket. Nice find.
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