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Long time no see!!

Well, the last time I was here (about 6 years ago) I was working on an 05 Gen2 SV650.
Still have it, it's running like a beast. Haven't really done anything to it, just general maint.

Quick list of the '05's mods:
  • naked version
  • super trapp exhaust
  • rad mounted signals
  • ignition delete
  • GSXR front end
  • GSXR rear upgrade
  • Corbin seat
  • lowering links
... I think that's it.

And that brings us to the present day, and why I am here.

I have picked up an 07 SV650 ABS, found it on KIJIJI, P.o. had been hit and the front forks were damaged and the sport fairing was destroyed. Much sadness, many angry fists were raised and shaken.

Actually, I think I saw the guy put a post on here asking what it would take to fix.

Because I had a nearly complete 01 GSXR 1000 front end, I decided to jump at this.
Sounded easy... just bolt on the new front end, fab up a light, turn around and sell = PROFIT$

(you can see the GSXR forks in the bg)

... and then when I had it home, I realized it was an ABS version. FML.
Now my simple flip had become much more complicated.

I've done my research on the ABS version. And almost everything I can find tells me to keep the forks, upgrade the internals, and not F*** with the ABS.

That wasn't going to work for me.
Need this to be a quick (ish) flip with limited investment on my part.
I already had the front end, wasn't going to buy another one (stock) and invest more into this.

The problem with the ABS ring / sensor, is that the ring that comes stock, is recessed into the SV front rim, and the rotor bolts are spaced further out... which means that I can't just slap the wheel on the GSXR axle.

Cut to me crawling around several dealerships, counting slots on ABS rings on other bikes, and measuring their diameter.

This one didn't work, too many slots. (story of my life)

Now, I never could get a full, in depth answer on how the ABS works. (couldn't find anything that said that the ring diameter, or slot size needed to be a specific figure)... but I figured that I had a few options.

  1. buy a stock front end, bolt it on, sell it.
  2. do the GSXR upgrade, pull the fuse for the ABS, sell it
  3. do the GSXR upgrade, tap the front sensor into the signals from the REAR sensor, acknowledge that there would be no ABS if I just grabbed the front brake, sell it.
  4. do the GSXR upgrade and make a new ABS ring that will fit the GSXR rotor, sell it.
And because I'm an idiot... I'm going to make a new ABS ring!!

Here's the GSXR rim and rotor.

I found an online CAD program (eMachineShop) and after some trial and error, made myself an ABS ring.

Here was the rough idea:

And here's what I came up with after many hours of clicking and cursing:

Made of steel, nothing fancy, just water jetted.
Currently, this part is out for fabrication, hoping that this will 'fool' the system.

Some specifics:
Stock ABS ring = 50 slots / 50 teeth

There SHOULDN'T be any issue if I big-er-cize the ring. The system SHOULDN'T care what the ring diameter is, as long as it gets 50 pulses from the sensor during one revolution of the front wheel.
As far as I can figure it, the ABS system activates when it senses that the wheel has stopped moving, and that the speed prior to 0 movement would not allow that. This should apply to front, as well as rear in case of lock up.
... this is as far as I can logic, feel free to school me on how ABS works on the SV.

In the interest of experimentation, I'mma try the new ring.
... I'll keep you posted on if this works or not.

FEEL FREE to link me to anything that'll set me straight.

Also, I guess I should start a discussion thread so that people can actually chime in... Lol.
Stand by for that Edit.


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Hey Ho!
Small update.

For the record, here's what the front ABS ring looks like:

Here's where it and the sensor are mounted on the front wheel:

And here's the rear wheel with the ring and the sensor.

That sensor is REALLY close, I'm going to have to put a bit of adjustment into what ever kind of bracket I fab up. Dialing it in will be a bit of a nuisance.

More updates as the parts arrive and I do work.

Remember, if you have something to contribute, the discussion thread is in the first post.



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Oh, and another update...

The place that's cutting the ABS ring for me, quoted me a cost of $105.00 CAD.

That's not bad.
They're the only place (in Edmonton Alberta) that I could find who were willing to take a small project.

If you can find another place to do it cheaper, send me the info. (ref discussion thread)
Or, if this ends up working out (fingers crossed) then I can just send you the CAD file.



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Got the new ring back from the waterjet shop.

All in, it was about $110.00 after taxes.

Also, I was contacted by a forum member on here.
They had volunteered their time and machine to cut the part out for me, all it would cost was shipping. :worship:

I'm not posting their name, just because I don't want to 'out them' and suddenly they're getting a million requests to do mostly free work for others.

But it was a very kind gesture, and I'm sure they're reaping the karma from just having suggested it. Thank you again, if I hadn't already sent it to the shop to get cut, I'd have greedily taken you up on the offer. :eek:ccasion14:

I'm still waiting on my speed sensor to arrive.
Once that's here, I'll mount everything up and start the experimentation.
I'm anticipating that I'll be doing a lot of test fits to find the sweet spot where everything works for the system.

I'll also post up a picture of the new ring mounted on the rotor once I get home and into the shop so I can clean it up a little and test fit it.

And pics of it mounted!!! (couldn't wait so it's not cleaned up yet.)

right up to the buttons...

Sits on the rotor pretty well, thin enough to not interfere with anything near the axle or bearings.

Close to some nubs on the forks, but not too close.

And while I was patting myself on the back about how good my measurements were... I noticed this:

... looks like the buttons round out just a tad. I'm going to have to take a file to the poor ring and round some edges off.

Thanks for looking again, stand by for more updates!


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Happy Post-Fathers-Day to all!!!

Update because I finally got some time to work on this ABS project.
Did some profiling of the ring with a flat file, now it sits just inside the buttons on the rotor.


Gave it a scrub down to take off the rust and then shot it with some rattle can black. Because who wants rust dripping off onto your rim?? (no-one)

Then I had to cannibalize my 05 SV for a speed sensor. Why? Because the one that I ordered won't be here till mid July and I'm impatient. :rock:
Speed sensor pictured, Left side of the forks.
And you can see the ABS ring through the rim on the other side.

Took the speed sensor and mounted it up on the 07. That's when I found out that the rotor buttons on a 01 GSXR 1000(the abs front) and the buttons on a 06 GSXR 600 (my 05 front end) aren't the same height, and the rotor bolt holes aren't the same either.

I thought that I may be able to just pull the rotor off my bike and slap it on the new one... but that was not to be the case.

So... I had to pick up some new magnets and holders and then glue them into the rotor buttons on the 01 GSXR 1000 front rotor. All was good, bit of epoxy and they weren't going anywhere. After some adjustments to my speed sensor bracket (hammer) I tested it with the speedo.
I was getting jumpy readings. (kmph BTW)
13 - 8 - 15 - 5 - 0 - 4, etc... this is all from a single spin of the front wheel. (yes I was spinning it the correct direction... Lol)

Turns out that I was too impatient (ha!) and didn't confirm the correct polarity of the magnets that I had glued in.
See, all the magnets should PULL at the sensor, not push.
I had 3 of the 8 magnets that were pushing, not pulling. Pop them out, reverse them in the holders, bit more epoxy, and now the speedo is running smooth. YAY!!!

Next I plugged in the ABS sensor for the ring on the opposite side of the front wheel. I'm just holding it so that I can test that it works.

From the reading I've done online, the ABS system needs to be running up to +5kmph before the ABS light will turn off on the speedo. If it doesn't turn off, that means that there's an error with the system and I'll have to do more fault finding.

Turn on the bike, spin the front wheel up to 5kmph...
and the light stays on.
##$%^@#[email protected]%#!!!!

Take a few deep breaths, and realize that there's two sensors, front and back. Makes sense that both of them will have to be running at +5kmph before the system will be satisfied. Get my buddy to spin the rear as I spin the front... and the ABS LIGHT BLINKS OFF!!!
Lights off on the dash!!

ABS sensor zap-strapped on for more rigorous testing.

Turns out that it didn't have to be as close as it was with the original ring.

Let me recap:
  1. This means that the on board system is satisfied that all is running correctly.
  2. Red light is OFF on the speedo.
  3. No light, means that the ABS will function.
  4. This means that the system doesn't care what the slot size is.
  5. This means that the system doesn't care what the diameter of the ring is.
  6. This means that 50 pulses = all's good.
THIS MEANS THAT I WIN!!! :icon_biggrin:


All my guessing turned out to be true, and the $100 water jetted ABS ring was totally worth it.

Correct me if I'm wrong... but this means that I'm the first (on this board at least) to have done a GSXR front end swap on an ABS SV and had the system still work.
Is this correct?? :ears:

I tried to test the ABS on the stands, but wasn't able to get the wheels moving fast enough. So I took it for a spin. :vroom: Locked up the rear wheel... heard the screech, felt the pedal start to pulse, no ABS alarm on the dash.

... then I tried to get the front ABS to kick in. And it's a lot harder to do than you'd imagine. I grabbed a handful of the front lever, but it wasn't enough to lock anything up. Tried it again, still not enough, tried it again (getting a little nervous about how much brake I'm grabbing) and still nothing.

Now, I don't want to inadvertently end up in the middle of a stoppie stunt and then find out that the ABS wasn't working for the front, so I quit my testing.

System still says that everything is operating as per it's program, and I'm not getting any alerts that anything is amiss. Is there any other way that I can test the front ABS without actually dynamiting the front brakes?

Feedback is appreciated on the discussion thread:
Thank you.


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And an update on the project.

It's done, all buttoned up and ready for it's photoshoot before I list it for sale.

Here's a bunch of garage pictures:

This is the bracket that I made up to hold the ABS sensor on the right side.

And here it is behind the fender.

You can see the cable sneaking out from behind the fender, and the ABS plate as well.

Here's a garage pic:

That bronze / gold front end looks sooooooo good!!!

K, I'm going to take it out for a test ride and some beauty pictures before listing it today.
I'll also try and get a video of the ABS light going out on the speedo to show that it's actually working. (stand by for that update.)

As always, if you have questions, or want to point something out, here's the link for the discussion thread:

Thanks for looking!!


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Did a fair bit of riding, no issues!!

Sensor is still solid, no ABS alarms, everything seems good!!!

Video showing the ABS light on the dash going out.

This means that the system has confirmed that all signals are within it's acceptable limits and that the ABS is working.

This is the FIRST SV650 with a GSXR upgrade to keep the stock ABS system and have it function as OEM.
*EDIT, I'm the second one. See post #9 for link to a blog where another guy did this a year ago.

Thank you.

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New riding season is just around the corner, so the SV is back up for sale again.

I removed that janky looking speed sensor mount.
Here's the new one.

For this bracket, I wanted to be able to mess with the inside edge so I could be close but not touching the rotor. By fitting two pieces of L bracket aluminum, I was able to dial in how close it could get. And then I just drilled and riveted the two pieces together.

Nothing too difficult. It's definitely an improvement over the original one.
  1. it's not magnetic. :)
  2. it's supported on the outside of the fork and the bolts for the mudguard go through the bracket, so I don't have to eff around with bolts on the inside.

Also, with this version, I can put the sensor on the inside of the bracket.

And it all tucks in behind the front mudguard still!!

There's a bit poking out on the side as well, so I stamped SPEED on it and left it visible. I kind of like the look.

I've had some comments that said that it has that 'home depot budget build' feel to it. Those guys are welcome to give me access to their 3D printers and CNC machines if they want me to make something better. :icon_biggrin:

That's about all for the upgrades, thanks for looking again.
Hopefully it sells soon and someone else can enjoy the riding season on her.

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