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Not sure if this is going to be allowed or if it will be deleted, but figured i'd post here first.

Motorcycle has been wrecked and would probably need too much to become rideable again, however there are a lot of good parts left on it. Engine has 12,5xx miles on it, I have a video of it running on the trailer. You can buy it whole for $1000 or i'm also parting it out. So far the parts that are good are listed below with prices that beat anything currently on eBay. If you need anything not listed let me know and i'll check it out to see if its still good, compare prices through google and eBay and beat those prices.

Engine $800
Main Wiring Harness $40
ECU $100
Injector Harness $10
Frame w/ CLEAR TITLE $400
Seat $45, has a small, inch long tear at the very back of the seat that's barely noticeable.
Chin Fairing, blue $60
K&N filter with 300 miles on it $20
Gas tank heat shield $10
Fuel Pump assembly w/ good fuel pump $120
Lower air box assembly $30
Front and rear pegs aka Rear Set $40 each.
Various brackets that you may need just ask.
Carbon Canister $30
Horn $5
Radiator Reservoir $20
Ivan's RockLand Timing Retarder Eliminator 46-TRE002 (discontinued) $60
Knee Bolster/ Frame covers $40
Frame Sliders w/ minor damage $15
Front Brake Calipers $140
Rear Brake Caliper $60
Headlight harness $20

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I'd put it in the For Sale section under parts if it was me, and then delete this thread. But unless someone complains I'll leave it alone
Well theres the 14 day limit on posting in the classifieds and the post count lol. Thats part of why I put it here. Also figured if anybody local wanted parts i could cut them a deal instead of trying to deal with shipping. Specially for the engine or frame.
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