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Figured I'd toss this up for anyone interested, ive sold my SV but i am still here in spirit :evil6:

I know the SV crowd is full of icy hot stuntas, so check it out...Teach McNeil will be doing a stunt show this sat at MAX BMW (where I work).

Oh, and there will be grilling of food as well! :confused5:

What: Teach McNeil will be showing off his stunt skills on all sorts of bikes. The guy can stunt a GS. What's not to love?

How much: It's free. Seriously. Free. Free stunt show. Free food. Free demo rides.

Where: MAX BMW CT. 465 Federal RD. Brookfield, CT 06804.

When: THIS Saturday, July 14th. Probably start late morning. Grilling/food will start late AM and probably go to early afternoon.

Bring your friends (if you have any). Ifyou want to test ride any bikes, shoot me a PM and i will make sure we have something ready for you on Sat.

See you all then!

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