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This thread will be constantly changing as I remove parts and realize whats good to sell and what isn't. Of course, these parts may be interchangable and fit many other years but I'll tell you where they came from and let you make the determination.

If you would like more pics, more detailed description, just ask. If your looking for a specific part from these bikes, just ask and I'll let you know if I have it. The 06 is about 40% remaining (no engine parts) and the 03 parts are mostly engine related or left over from the S to N conversion.

PM is the best way to get my attention.

I've tried to be fair with pricing, I'm way over budget on this project and trying to recoop costs. If you want to make an offer, PM me and we'll talk but try and be fair.

All prices do not include shipping but I will ship for actual cost any way you choose.

For now I have the following parts for sale with pics:

06 SV650N Taillight - Light has a few scratched but wouldn't be noticable installed. Wiring has been cut near the connector. 25.00

06 SV650N Ignition, seat lock cylinder, complete gas cap and one Key. - They are all functional. The gas cap has some scratches and you would probably want to paint it but the locks are all fully functional. 65.00

06 SV650N ECU - This bike ran perfectly when it was removed. - 65.00

03 SV650S headlight assembly. Complete and in great condition with all the installation tabs intact. I can't say the headlights will work after shipping but they worked perfectly when removed. Lenses are in excellent shape. 100.00

03 SV650S Front Fender - Silver 40.00

Things I can and will be listing. PM me if your specifically interested and I'll get it posted.

03 SV650S

Front brake calipers - no master cylinder or reservoir
complete engine - Front cylinder is removed and the crank bearing is trashed on the front cylinder but everything else is in good shape. Ask for any part and I'll disassemble it. minus the fuel injection assembly
Complete upper and lower triple with stem. The triples are a bit rusty but could be painted or powder coated easily
Handle bar clips

06 SV650N
Front and rear Calipers
Complete upper and lower triple with stem. The triples are a bit rusty but could be painted or powder coated easily
Frame - Black with a small scratch through the paint on one side. It was totaled by the Ins but it is in perfect shape other than that - no title
Rear subframe - Great shape
Right side driver peg assembly - Minus the peg and the brake lever
Front seat
Fuel injection assembly
Exhaust minus muffler - I will cut it off so you can install an aftermarket slip on
Airbox including all sensors.

Headlights are a popular inquiry - I DO NOT have any headlight parts or mounts for the Naked Bike.

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I have a 2004 SV650s and I'm looking for a countershaft sprocket nut, a tip-over sensor, oem mirrors and black plastic seat mount covers. Any chance you have these items?
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