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Bike history: Bought in Sept of 08 with 11,5xx miles on the bike. Still on were stock tires, stock chain, ugly chrome cruiser grips and a Yosh slip on. The bike had been down at least twice as evident from the front plastics and the ground down exhaust tip. What a mess you might think. good news out of all of this is that the price was $3500, KBB value was $4500 and bank said $5400, yay me!

So after assessing the situation and throwing myself into a crash course of the second gen 650s I got to work on it.

So far it has been a general maintenance catchup game. Oil changes, brake bleeding, sea foam in the tank and cleaning out the air box and taking the snorkel off.

Then the fun began......

First a set of PP with a 120/70 front and a 160 rear went on.
Vortex frame sliders, no they are not crap! They have been crash tested and preformed very well.
New brakes followed up shortly after.
Then a Sunstar and DID combination with a 0/+3 front/rear setup.
A zx-14 shock was next and it made a world of difference, this is a must have mod.
The latest thing is a set of Sonic 1.0 springs and orginally 20wt oil. well there in lies a problem. The combination of the 1.0 and 20wt was way to stiff. Sag could be set and even with my 270lb frame on it there was little compression. So Steve the mastermind at Las Vegas Dynotech got all mad scientist with it and created a custom blend of 20 and 7wt oils. Now the front end compresses, rides smooth and does what it is supposed to do.

Cosmetics have been added as time has gone by....
Renthal grips
Hotbodies smoke DB
New levers in black
The stock seat recovered and some extra padding added
A rear seat cowl has graced the rear end
Deleted the rear pegs
Added a Targa undertail kit
LED turn signals on rear, flush mounts from hotbodies on sides and turned the useless marker lights into LED turn signals

On the horizon is the addition of a GSXR 1000 Ti exhaust can, steel braided lines, new forks (one is bent), PCIII tuned by Las Vegas Dynotech just for the bike, a new brake master off a GSXR or ZX-10 and steering dampener.

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Ok a couple of new things and plans have changed.....

Just did the R6 throttle tube mod and love the results.

I also found out that by bypassing the clutch switch it messes up the torque of the bike. This came directly from a Suzuki mechanical rep. So I am replacing the switch and will report if there is a difference.

New future mods list.....

F3 rear wheel
SVracaing rearsets
Shark Skins street upper and lowers
03 GSXR front calipers
Spiegler brake lines
05 R1 master cylinder
ASV leveers
Either a bright teal met or mystic teal met from the 1995 Chevrolet paints
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