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04 front end swap w/08

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I have an 08 N, And I know somebody who wants 2 get rid of his 04 N front end b/c he is getting a gixxer set-up. His 04 is set up with racetech springs and emulators, comes with everything ,triples, even the stock springs. my Question is . . .Is this an exact match where the only thing i need 2 do is take mine off and Put these on. I need a new setup either way and if this is a n exact match , I might not be able 2 pass it up. ???
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Just buy the forks. That's all you really need.

I was thinking of getting Sonic springs or some kind of set-up. But since this guy has His forks already set-up w/the springs and emu, I was just wondering or hoping that it would be an exact match.
like TK said, just buy the forks (that is; the forks with modded springs, emulators,)that is all you need. the rest is going to be leftover. If you don't want them have homeboy post on here...that is a high demand item.
i would go through with it if he weighs about the same as you
Yeah he's bout 200 and im around 210 so I think Im gonna do it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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