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Bought that, couldn't resist, 18 bucks for a whole shock, spring, bolts... :)

Slapped it on to my 2005 SV650s this weekend :) and holy crap does it ride better... worth every penny- certainly could be worth many more.

Just an FYI for anyone else doing this mod with this shock- you do very much have to cut the battery box. I thought i could get away with just removing the shielding and tool box- but you have to cut the front lower edge (the plastic that cradles the front of the battery).

Currently the shock res. actually rests against the battery- not sure how good or bad this is but it doesn't seem to be hurting it.

Also, MAJOR DUH thing for this install- there is a little black box with 3 wires running to it- has "Upper" stamped on it with an arrow (facing up hehe) - this is the tilt switch (as we found out) - the bike wont run if this is just lazily tossed back in there... it normally mounts on the side of the battery box - just be sure it finds a good vertical position somewhere.

Hope this info helps! Great mod.

Ricors and ss brake lines next :)

EDIT: Also- this shock is a little shorter dropped my tail by about 3/4" - just pull the forks up a little :)
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