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03 vs 04-09 SV650 Tails different?

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Hey guys I'm hoping maybe some of the experts on here can help me with a question.

Oneida Suzuki has the 2003 OEM fender eliminator on sale for half the price of the 04-09. The things look identical from every angle I've seen.

Is there any difference in the tails of these? Almost every other FE I've ever seen lists 03-09, I've never seen a specific one for 03.

Thanks in advance for any info you all have.
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Yes, they're different. '03 subframes are at a higher angle and are steel instead of aluminum.
I think with the fender eliminator the only difference is the angle of the plate since the 03 eliminator is designed for a tail that is higher and angled differently. I bolted an OEM 04-up fender eliminator to my 2003 and it worked fine. I believe others have bolted the 03 eliminator to 04-up bikes and it worked fine as well.
Thanks for the info, I think I'll pull the trigger on it then, hell for less than $40 its tough to go wrong.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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