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howdy fellers,

after a recent run in with a car door (drunk guy parked in the middle of the highway, on top of a hill, at night, opened his door just as I managed to swerve around the car :drooling:), and my 99 svn is now needin' some love. I got away with only a scraped knee. whew.

first thing: the speedo cable is almost completely severed. on impluse I bought this speedo sensor/cable. it's from a 03 svs, I just want to make sure it will work on my 99 svn. I've searched around for this info, and it seems like the 03 vs 99 is not an issue but couldn't find confirmation that an S speedo sensor will fit an N. Thanks in advance!

Also, looking for recommendations on handle bars that are similar to stock, but not too expensive. what do you guys think about the universal bars at bike bandit that go for around $20? or if anyone's got a stock bar that not bent, let me know.

3) any inexpensive mirrors out there that don't suck? I ordered some off ebay last year, sent them back immediately cause they vibrated like hell, drooped down, and almost got me in a wreck. :angry7:

4) radiator is trashed. are the new ones for ~$100 on ebay ok, or crap? are the delkevic's better, or are they also from china? anyone have one?

many thanks!
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