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Before you look any further, if you are looking for some pretty boy bike that has lived a deprived life making trips to starbucks and wednesday night hooters, turn around now.

If you're okay with some battle scars then I would like to sell you this magnificent machine.

Elka 3 way adjustable shock.
Racetech .90 springs
Racetech emulator cartridges
red SS Braided Lines
Brembo master cylinder with brake micro switch (rear brake light works when using the front brake)
Vesrah RJL pads
Woodcraft clip-ons
double frame sliders
swing arm sliders
SVRacingParts rear sets
Holeshot highmount Slip-on

Wheels/rotors: Two sets, one has Q2s with 3/4 tread left. The other has bridgestone slicks with 1 intermediate trackday on them. Really half a track day because of rain.

The battle-wounds- from going down at the track a few times I scraped and dented the tank in a few spots. The subframe is a little bent (frame is perfect). There is some rash and cracks on the right side fairings. Some rash on the right clip-on parts/brake-lever. The radiator has a dent but it doesn't leak and works perfect. Still rides rides/runs as great as ever. I'm an upfront guy and I'm mentioning every last flaw.

miles-13249 although the speedo went out last month so it is more like 14000 or so. Engine is stock and mechincally I have taken very good care of this bike. The Chain and sprocket are in great shape, and the fluids are good.

Price with backup clip-ons, rearsets,street and track wheels, SVRacingParts tirewarmers, and misc sv parts-$2800
Just the bike with one set of wheels-$2300 FIRM

Clean Florida title in-hand.

Would trade for a track prepped 250r and maybe some cash depending on mods and condition.

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Why double frame sliders? Never seen that before.
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