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I've been riding my '03 SV-n quite happily for the past 2.5 yrs. However, I got the itch for something a little more aggressive. The wife said no to a second bike, so I decided to do some work on existing setup. I soon found out that simply adding clip-ons required a lot of work, and ended up taking me all winter. I also hated the huge exhaust and large speedo.
It's nothing special, but I thought I'd share.

S model stock clip-ons
S model brake lines
S model upper triple tree
Shortened clutch and throttle cables
Aztek8 headlight brackets
Acewell speedo (click for more write-up)
Viper micro slip-on (w/ dB killer)
Custom license plate bracket
New LED signals front and rear
Barend mirrors


I kept all of the N controls and switches, so there were some small issues getting everything to fit on the clip-ons. There was no room for mirror to attach on left side.

So, with the help of the dremel, move the clutch mount further up, then drill new location for left controls.


I made my own tail light bracket to integrate new led turn signals and light. I could never fit my saddlebags on very well with old stalked lights. Also had to make a plate to seal off trunk space.

I'm still working on integrating existing Givi windscreen to mount in old rear-view mirror bolt holes. I'm still debating, I dig the real naked look.

A big thanks to the SVrider parts sale section for a number of my S model parts. I'll get some more elegant pictures for the svotm nominations ;)

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no to a second bike? looks like you have a cruiser in there; get rid of that :D
That's the wife's Honda Shadow 600. When she goes into 'nesting mode' I think I can work that angle and swap it out for something else. It's an okay bike, just not my style. I'm thinking track bike :)

its a huge improvement. what kinda brake master cylinder is that?
That's a stock N m/c. However, it contacts the windscreen I'm trying to put on, so it'll have to be swapped out for the S version.
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