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02 SV650s won't start

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I just picked this bike up last weekend. Rode it about 150 miles and then put it in the shed for the week. I take it out today and it wont start. Im sure its in neutral, the ignition is in the right position and the lights all come on, the engine cut off switch is in the right postion, and Im pulling in the clutch as well as tryin various degrees of choke. When I push to start nothing even happens. Any ideas?
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i know you said it's in neutral, but you try it with the kickstand up?
Yup, Ive tried it with the kickstand up and down. Ive tried just about everything. Also, ALl the fuses check out ok, including the ignition fuse.
check clutch safety switch,
Just did, It was hooked up fine and woudlnt start so I unhooked it and jumped it with a paperclip. Still nothing. What should I look at next? Starter relay, could it be a battery problem?
I would check all of the saftey switches. Next most likely candidate after the clutch switch is the sidestand switch.
Did you try clutch out & in neutral? This is they way I have to start mine. (Not too sure why, but it's a PITA if I stall because I to go back to neutral/clutch out otherwise it will buck all over that place in gear.)
Two words: PUSH START!!!

Just kidding, actually, I had this problem happen to me before. I stopped to pay a bill real quick, and when I went to hop back on it wouldn't fire up, so for half an hour, I was running back and forth in a really long parking lot, push starting the bike.....did it like three or four times, and haven't had a problem since. I guess sometimes moisture will get in the switches (or gremlins, take you pick) and causes problems.
Thanks for the tips guys. I tried jumping the clutch safty switch but im not sure if I did it right. Tried to start it in gear and alos in neutral with the clutch out. Hooked it up to a car and tried starting it. Nothing. I cant push start it because I have a small driveway and I live on the main road in town. I have noticed when I pull in the clutch I cant downshift into first, I can go into second if I dont use the clutch and once im in second, with the clucth in I cant roll. SHouldnt the bike be able to roll if the clutch is pulled in even if in gear. IS this because the bike is off or somethhign to look at as the problem?
That's not normal. You should be able to roll the bike with the clutch pulled in (weather in gear or not...or with power or not).
Well after trying out all the free stuff I could do myself, I called the dealership and they told me to bring it in and they'll take care of it (30 day warranty). Turns out it was the starter relay. Thanks everyone for all your help, I really really appreciate it!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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