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I have a 2002 SV650. I picked it up a few months back and have put ~4k miles on it. It has a Muzzy slip-on and a titanium exhaust from some indeterminate vendor (maybe muzzy? don't see it on their website).

The short header tube on the rear cylinder is factory, and it uses the factory gasket (~1.5" long fiber metal part, #4 MUFFLER CONNECTOR in the factory diagram). The exhaust slips over the gasket from behind. It is split into 4 tabs, and an exhaust clamp tightens over the gasket.

I'm going through gaskets about every 2k miles. I'll notice that I have a small exhaust leak which rapidly gets worse. I find the gasket up around the header pipe, split along its axis.

So a few question:

-Did Muzzy make a Ti exhaust for 1st gen SV650s? If not, who did? I'll try to post a picture. There are no markings on it.
-Is there a better option than the factory gasket?
-How tight should I be clamping the band clamp around the split tube over the gasket?
-Anyone else have problems with this gasket, and what was the fix?

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