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It's time, time to start my build thread. Though the bike has been a work in progress since I bought it, this build actually started over a year ago.

The History:

I bought the bike off craigslist in July 2010. It was completely stock with cracked fairings, bald tires and a broken front turn signal. Not knowing enough to save any money I paid $2000 for it. Mechanically, it has been sound. But with 10,xxx on the clock I did not expect too many problems.

Considering I wanted a "sport bike", two days after I bought it I ordered an aftermarket set of full fairings off ebay. But before the fairings had even arrived, deep down I knew I wanted a naked. Since I couldn't return the fairings I tried to talk myself into liking them. I rocked full fairings for 3 years.

Like I said about a work in progress. The first couple of years I added:
full fairings
Delk slip on
r6 throttle
cbr rr
SWATT clip on risers
braided ss front lines
and a paint job.
I was pretty happy with it, but it wasn't the bike I WANTED if that makes sense.

My breaking point was a camping trip I took in the summer of 2012. I rode my bike and met some friends up in the Sierra Nevada's. I hadn't really ridden the bike in almost a year because of life, a move to Sacramento and not knowing local roads. I rode it around town, to the gym, to work, what ever. But nothing over ten minutes each way.

So I hop on the bike for a 125 miles each way on twisty mountain roads. The ride was amazing! I had good luck with traffic and for the most part had a lot of twisties to myself. By the time I got there my lower back was sore. No, beyond sore. And now I have 3 days/nights of sitting and sleeping on hard ground. I do not know if you are aware, but when your lower back hurts, sitting/sleeping on hard ground DOES NOT HELP. By the time I rode the bike back home my back was [email protected]%cked. I had severe lower back pain for almost a year after that...

It was time to make some changes!

I started buying parts for the build in the spring of 2013. The plan was to get parts and add them to the bike as they came in. Then Sacramento got hit with a hot spell of temps in the 90's edging on 100. Between the heat and also needing to save for a vacation in July my riding season was over before it even began.

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Just to be clear, I came up with the name of this thread on my own. It was not until after I posted the first submission did I search to find I am not the only crafty member of svr. There is another build thread of an AMAZING bike, that was actually inspirational to me in the past, with a very similar title. Now I just look like a copycat poser...

Moving on

The Build

Step 1: Clean the Garage!

Somewhere in that mess is an sv. After building some shelves and reorganizing I got some usable work space. This is the first garage I have had in my adult life so it too has been ever evolving.

First order of business; GSXR tail

The tail went on pretty easy. I used my air compressor to cut up the stock subframe. Only after I was mostly done did I realize it would have been much faster to use a sawzall. My compressor is only 21 gallon and has a hard time keeping up while cutting metal.

This is how the tail sits all bolted up:

I do not like how it sits flat on the back.

This is how it sits with the bottom bolts of the subframe removed and it pulled up about 1 inch

Much better. I have a set of shorter dog bones. When I put it together I am going to give those a try. If they do not give the rise I need I am going to have to lengthen the lower arms of the subframe.

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Next I drilled the triple for bars. I am going old man and giving bars a try. I want to be able to ride for longer periods so I need a more upright position. I also lost a lot of height in the front end with the shorter GSXR front end that I will be putting on. I got a great price on an 01 GSXR 1000 complete front end, plus I wanted the extra bling factor.

I step drilled by hand and went slightly larger on my holes in case they are not perfectly measured out.

Next was to tear it down to the frame and get the frame powder coated. I admit I was nervous about this step and put it off for as long as I could. But when I finally did tear it down, everything went pretty smooth.

This is where I give a shout out to my air compressor. I never had the luxury of working with air tools until last year when I finally got a compressor. Then next an impact gun. These things made tearing down the bike a piece of cake.

I even almost gracefully lowered the engine out on a floor jack by myself.:rock:


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Next was to take off the front end. I only have a rear stand and I was making good time so why not continue cutting corners? I do not remember exactly what happened, but as soon as I popped the upper triple clamp and got things nice and loose up there the bike tips over. Where else but onto the tank sitting on the floor next to it. That is right! The only dents in my tank are from my stupidity.

Thank god it is not worse. I am painting the tank anyway so it's not a huge deal. Just annoying.

Now lets take a look at what is going on in different parts of the garage eh?

Up front we have the freshly powdered gloss black frame:

Over to the right is the parts table. These are the parts left from the bike:

Now the engine. Torn apart and getting ready for this shifting mod. And after that this cam swap as well as checking clearance.

In the back of the garage is the parts shelf. This is all the new goodies going on the bike:

Lots of good stuff there.

So that is where we are now. Waiting for parts to come in. I am waiting for my damper clamp to arrive. When it does I am taking it with my upper and lower triple to the powder coater. I tried to paint them myself but they aren't even mounted yet and peeling.

I should be able to start assembling in two weeks or so.

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Took my triples and a couple of brackets to the powder coater today. Should be done in a week. Also been getting parts and supplies in the mail for the past week.

Finally got the parts for the shift mod mentioned above. Now I have everything I need to work on the engine so I can get that done and ready to mount back into the bike.

Also got this:

This should make putting things back together a little easier.

Got these a little while ago but I am in the mood to post more pics

Ebay wave rotors. They look pretty sweet. I noticed a bend in one of the rotors on my gsxr front wheel awhile ago:

Then when I was having my front tire changed over from my sv wheel to the gixxer the guy pointed out the rotor was loose on the rivets and I should consider a new rotor. Pretty sure I already had them ordered at that point. If not I had already had my mind made up to get them. Either way they are in the garage with all the other stuff waiting to go on the bike.

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Triples are still at the powder coater but I was able to finish up the cam swap and shifting upgrade. This is my first improvised tool. It worked great to get things apart but broke when I was torquing things down. I ended up making the same thing out of some metal sheet I had laying around.

Here it is all torn apart with the old stuff in there.

Everything out

New and old side by side

And finally new in place

Everything was pretty straight forward. I did end up dropping a washer into the oil reservoir area, what ever that is called, but was able to fish it out with my fingers. So after that was all done it was time to move on to the cams.

I read, reread, and reread again eight more times the thread about the cam swap. Going in I was still unclear about things but I started to tear it apart anyway. Once I was in there poking around I still did not have a clue. Then, all of a sudden it came together in my head. The main problem was I was trying to make it harder than it was.

Right at the very beginning of the barf thread it states, difficult level : Advanced. So of course I am thinking oh [email protected]#$, I'm in over my head, but I will give it a shot. Turns out it is super easy. Just follow the directions and mimic the pics. One thing I found is my chain did not line up like the chain in the pics. But I just asked on the forum if that was cool, found out it was and proceeded no problem. Btw, thanks dan and tovar!

This is the tool I made. Another mental sticking point for a bit. How it works, where it goes, why I need it. But that was part of the epiphany.

Here we are with things lined up and marked

Cams swapped

On the back I missed the pre swap pic but here is the post

Now it is time to button her back up. I did not get new head gaskets because no one in any of the threads mentioned new ones. Hopefully this works out. I did re-oil them.

After the cams I moved on to rebuilding the front calipers. I tore apart and cleaned them last year. They have been sitting in a plastic box since, waiting for seals and to be reassembled.

The bolts were kinda dingy and I remembered I have a polishing wheel so I gave that a shot.

Much better

And assembled

That is where I stopped today.
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