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01 650s wont start

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Hi guys, long time lurker here now I am having trouble with my bike, its a 2001 SV650s with 14k miles on it. Rode it around town, prolly 30 min or so then parked it for 2 weeks, went out to try and start it and no dice. Took it out to my Dads house, pulled the tank, flushed it out, cleaned out the carbs, fuel flows thru the petcock with vacuum and fills the bowls. Still doesnt start, so I pulled the plugs, checked compression everything is good there, then checked the plugs themselves. I couldnt seem to get and spark from either of them and when i did it seemed pretty weak. Its a brand new battery fresh off the charger. Any ideas?
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. I couldnt seem to get and spark from either of them and when i did it seemed pretty weak.
change plugs?
Plugs have less than 2k miles on them and were installed when the bike went in for a tuneup. They seemed really clean. should I replace them anyways? someone was trying to tell me the coil(pack)? goes out all the time on the '01 S model? is this true?
did you check your battery voltage ?
you might want to bring it to a shop and see if they can load test it
My 01 has 2100 mi on it. Bought it this fall with 1600 mi from someone that never rode it and the front coil gave up on me last month. It only provided a very weak spark. Now it runs great. The coil costs about $90 .
Almost sounds like the battery is low, maybe the R/R isn't charging it up well enough? I'd say get the battery tested. My battery crapped out after a year becuase of a faulty R/R. Went down to a junk yard and put one from an '01 Gixxer and a new battery and havent had any problems since.
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