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  1. view of carbon fiber and the new grips

    I put new grips on, which I think bring the color of the bike up to the handlebars very nicely, without being overpowering. you can also see all the carbon fiber very well, which was there when I bought the bike. They were added by the original owner, Dragon.
  2. 3/4 shot

    good view of the wheel stripes I recently put on, and you can also see one of the new grips. I had these stripes made to my specs by a guy I found on ebay. Then I put them on. My bike's nickname, "Scorpion" in the font 'Abaddon' and "SV" in the original Suzuki font are on each si
  3. closeup of wheel stripe

    I had these made to my specs by a guy I found on ebay. Then I put them on. you can see that the stripe is not perfectly straight (my fault, not faulty product. they're my first attempt at applying round stripes) when you're right next to the wheel like this, but a foot or two away and you can't tell
  4. first day with my turbo roadster 2

    notice the 'Tail of the Dragon' sign in my window. The Roadster LOVES that road, so will the SV I'm sure.
  5. first day! woot!

    05 SV650 naked.. sort of.
1-6 of 6 Results