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  1. Give Monokey V46 top case and mount - $375 + shipping

    Accessories For Sale
    I’ve got a Givi Monokey V46 top case with tail lights for sale. There’s some road rash on the left side from when I was in an accident in 2018 but the case is still waterproof and still closes fine. The mounting bracket is for a 2nd gen SV. Top case on its own $275 plus shipping, mounting...
  2. WTB: Gen 1 Shad Mounting rack for top case.

    Hello all, I've been transferring my beat up Shad top box and mounting base plate from bike to bike for years now. Just picked up a Gen 1 SV650 and am looking for the mounting rack. I can weld and grind so even if you have a mangled one I'd be interested; I just don't want to take the time to...
  3. with my new Givi 52L topcase

    with my new Givi 52L topcase