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  1. Question of exhaust

    Engine & Transmission
    My bike is sv650x (2018) I already had a leo vince slip on exhaust. I want to power up my sv650, so I need a full system exhaust. Anyone can suggest a header for me. I want to keep my leo vince slip on exhaust on my bike. How about arrow, m4, black widow. Can I buy the header of this three...
  2. Problem about exhaust

    Engine & Transmission
    我的自行車是sv650x(2018) 我已經抽了個獅子座。 我想給sv650上電,所以我需要耗盡整個系統的電源。任何人都可以為我推薦標題。我想讓我的獅子座自行車在排氣時保持滑動。 箭,m4,黑寡婦呢。
  3. Gen 3 (17-20) SV taillight same as GSXR 600?

    Motorcycle Talk
    I have a 2019 SV650X and am looking for an integrated taillight. I found one on but it clear and looks very cheap and likely to stop functioning soon. There are quite a few available for the GSXR 600 (and 750) and the light appears to be the same as the modern SV so im wondering...
  4. Gen 3 SV650 X Bike Performance Upgrades (Suspension + Brakes)

    SV650 Gen3 (17-...) Tech
    Hi All, TLDR: Looking for Suspension and Brakes upgrades recommendations. I have a 2019 SV650 X and I'm wanting to do some upgrades that will actually improve the quality of riding the bike. Everything I've read/heard is that SV's need improved front and rear suspension and better brakes. You...
  5. A Question for led headlight

    Hello, everyone. This is a question about s2 concept for Led light. Everyone has the experience for s2 concept led light? My bike is sv650x 2019 I want to change the headlight to Led headlight. How many product I need to buy to complete this installation...