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  1. New Member Introductions
    hi all this is my 06 euclase silver sv650s, I’ve been trying to hunt down a dual exhaust system for her for a ridiculously long time . If anyone has a set for sale please let me know thanks !
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    Rode for 45 mins, nothing happened. Then randomly cut off when slowing dwn for traffic light and continue to struggle on/off entire 5 miles home pretty much everytime I let off trottle. Stalled again as I slowed down for driveway. Started perfectly this morning. Already replaced spark plugs...
  3. SV Modifications and General Maintenance
    Hi, I am new to bikes and working on them, yesterday my bike dropped a valve after 4 weeks since purchase, I was recommended to buy a new engine from a scrapped bike or just the engine itself and replace the whole thing. My question is what engines are compatible with this bike model? Will it be...
1-4 of 4 Results