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  1. Sv1000 Rear Wheel

    Parts For Sale
    Silver with sprocket, kush drive, and rotor. Normal wear, it’s from an 04. Asking $50+shipping In SoCal, if you prefer to pick it up yourself.
  2. What handlebar and side fairing sticker is this? (SV1000)

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hi And welcome to my post I was wondering what handlebar he is using for his SV1000. It doesn't seem like the stock one, it's a bit more straight. [Sticker was found] And where can I buy this Suzuki SV1000 side fairing sticker? (with the red 1000) If you got a link, please share Thanks!
  3. 20007 SV650S Seat - Install Issues

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    I recently purchased a wrecked 2007 SV650S from copart. The bike never came with the rider seat, as the tank and rear subframe were pretty messed I could never get a reference for how it installs. I repaced the tank with one from an SV1000 (07). The seat I purchased is from an 07...