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  1. Front Fork Irregularities/Issues

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Hello all, I took the forks off my Gladius (same as the 2g SVs), and all was well up to the point of trying to pump out the old fork fluid. On one fork, I can pull the rod (component #14 in the diagram) in and out fairly easily (with a small amount of resistance towards the bottom of the...
  2. Andreani cartridge install help?

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    To anyone who has the Andreani Misano Cartridges - what exactly did you need to machine to "remove the reduction bush"? The machine shop I'm talking with needs exact specifications before they'll do any work for me. Per the instructions below, some machining is required: Are they talking...
  3. Gen 3 SV650 X Bike Performance Upgrades (Suspension + Brakes)

    SV650 Gen3 (17-...) Tech
    Hi All, TLDR: Looking for Suspension and Brakes upgrades recommendations. I have a 2019 SV650 X and I'm wanting to do some upgrades that will actually improve the quality of riding the bike. Everything I've read/heard is that SV's need improved front and rear suspension and better brakes. You...
  4. Upgrading Suspension (relatively low budget)

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Hello, I'm lost on what to look for or what I need to upgrade my suspension. I am just looking for comfortable riding with the suspension and no race modifications. I have seen everyone say "just put GSXR forks on" but I feel as it's way to much work and money then what I'm seeking. (Although...
  5. Gen3 Ohlins bolt in cartridges in Gen2?

    SV Modifications and General Maintenance
    I'm assuming that Ohlins would market the kit for more years but I have to ask on hope alone....Did they actually change the ancient damping rods for the gen 3's or is there any chance these would fit or maybe some light modification to get them to?
  6. 2007/2008 suzuki gsxr 1000 front end for sale in CALIFORNIA wiling to ship

    Parts For Sale
    hey guys, have a 95% complete front end of a 1st gen sv650, will fit 1999-2014 i belive only thing missing is a top triple i can ship anywhere in th usa, might be 100-200$ though 818 689 0863...