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    Hi all, I went and viewed a fantastic Suzuki Gladius SFV650 today and am quite excited about potentially buying it. I am slightly hung up on one thing. I was sent a video of the bike running yesterday and noticed there was an orange light flashing on the top left corner of the warning light...
  2. SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Tech
    Im looking for a front fender for my 2013 sfv650
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hey guys so I ordered the following stuff for my 2009 SFV650 to work on over Christmas and well unfortunately my bike got stolen during this time. Welp as you can imagine I never got to install them on there so now I have them. I'm not sure if these are specific to the 2009 SFV650 only. Frame...
  4. SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Tech
    Hey everyone. I've got a '13 Gladius that I love to death. The only thing I don't love is the headlight and the multimeter. They honestly drive me a little crazy. The problem is that I can't seem to find a single replacement for the Multi-meter that's not a really cheap piece from ''...
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    I'm new here so apologies if this isn't the forum to post. I realize this may be a long shot but I'm desperate... My 2013 Suzuki Gladius was stolen off Short St early morning of 5/23 in Asheville, NC. Rear plate #, if it still has one, would be "6N2217". Vin is "JS1VP55A8D2100707". It has a...
  6. For Sale Section
    Hey! I have replaced my muffler with a slip-on and am trying to get rid of the original. Let me know if you need one you can have it for free! Just pay for shipping, I would be shipping from GA, USA.
  7. Gladius SFV650 luggage

    Gladius SFV650 luggage

  8. Gladius SFV650

    Gladius SFV650

  9. Gladius in Red v3.0

    Gladius in Red v3.0

  10. Gladius in yellow v2.0

    Gladius in yellow v2.0

  11. Gladius in Red v2.0

    Gladius in Red v2.0

  12. Gladius in yellow v2.0

    Gladius in yellow v2.0

  13. Gladius in yellow

    Gladius in yellow

    Gimped out and yellow!!
  14. Gladius


    My Gimp version of the new Gladius