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  1. Parts For Sale
    Used BMC FM343/04 air filter. BMC makes great filters, that are reusable like K&N, but they are made in Italy and the consensus is they are better quality. Its in good used condition, not cracked, frayed or anything like that. I have the original retail box it came in, and the price tag on it...
  2. Riding Gear For Sale
    Long story short is I ordered a 42 and had a track day coming so I couldn't wait and had to order a 44. Never got around to returning the 42. It's BRAND new in plastic with tags attached. Only worn for try on. It was bought directly from Revzilla so I'm positive it's genuine as can be...
  3. Racing
    Hi Guys, hope all is well and safe. I just have a few questions regarding my first track day with my 2018 SV650.. Questions 1) My bike has 4600 km on the clock, next services is at 5000 km. Last services was done at 2500 km... Should I service my bike before do my first track day? 2) Do you...
1-3 of 3 Results