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  1. SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Went down on the left side pretty hard, bent handlebars and radiator pretty good. Brought my 2007 home and it sat overnight on the kickstand. This morning I went to start it to check on the motor and the dash was normal on bootup but when I started the engine the oil light stayed on for the 3-5...
  2. SV650 Gen3 (17-...) Tech
    I think I may have added to much oil, will my Sv self destruct or will I be ok, any ideas to get oil out without changing the entire oil?
  3. Gladius forum
    Hello, few days ago I made a post asking about the help with oil level, but now, after I tried to heat up the bike the oil started to leak from the bottom. The issue before was, that I had condensation in my oil tank, and window was cloudy and I couldn't see anything through it and I...
  4. Motorcycle Talk
    Recently bought a 03 Sv 650 with 18,000 on it for 2k... I dropped it once being a new rider I slipped on some gravel pulling out of my drive way(man is this bike heavy).... and today when riding I noticed that my one frame slider was looser then the other (stuck out more) and there was oil...
  5. Engine & Transmission
    Just got a 2006 SV1000, drove it home and realized it leaks 2-3 drops of oil then stops after I park it... sounds like an issue in the valve covers? New to these bikes and wondering if there's a few known issues I should look at before I start exploring. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
  6. SV1000 (03-07) Tech
    I have a 2006 SV100S with only 9k miles on it. It has mostly sat for the past 2 years. When it first started to sit 2 years ago, I put Stabil in the tank and put her to bed. Then, last Spring I rode her around the block a few times, drained the gas, refilled with Stabil, and did an oil change...
1-6 of 6 Results