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  1. Engine & Transmission
    Hello everyone. I'm getting the bike ('01) ready for spring weather and decided to change my clutch pack and springs. I removed the side cover, 6 bolts/springs. I found the center hub nut to be very loose. Thank goodness for the locking tab securing the nut or she would've thrown a fit. I also...
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    I've owned my 2000 sv for about 8 months now and finally decided to do a full examination of the rear brakes. I was getting a very loud squeal after about 10 minutes of riding and it was driving me nuts. In addition, I realized I had gotten into the habit of double pumping the rear brakes...
  3. Motorcycle Talk
    Well, have had my bike for a couple of months now and it needed a good chain cleaning. Finally got the stuff and got to work... ton of crud came off of it and had a couple of rust spots - now gone. Did a bunch of spraying and wiping, then finally some spray wax for lube. Heck of a difference...
  4. Suspension, Brakes & Tires
    Novice question incoming...... I'm fairly new to biking and have a K4 Sv650s in blue. I have just recently cleaned the calipers and pistons and while doing so changed all the brake pads. When fitting the pads on the rear and setting all the torques on the bolts to the correct level I thought I'd...
  5. SV650 Gen1 (99-02) Tech
    So as the title says, I tried adjusting the chain without a rear-wheel stand since the manual didn't mention needing one, but the main mistake was not loosening the axle nut while gripping the nug on the other end. The chain adjuster on the kick stand's side tightened accordingly but when I went...
  6. Motorcycle Talk
    Hey All, I'm looking into getting a rear wheel stand for my SV650. Does anyone have any advice or favorite products? Thanks, Bennette
1-6 of 6 Results