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  1. Had to lay my bike down now need to fix!!!!

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    August 17 2020 I had to lay my baby down on the freeway in Hawaii. I wear full gear and not a scratch on me but... my bike took a major hit she still runs great but the left side was down and it hooked under the car in front of me and the lady did not even know she drug it for about 500 feet...
  2. Spedo/tach light's not working

    SV650 Gen1 (99-02) Tech
    After riding at dusk the other day, and not being able to see my speed or read the tachometer. I decided to go and get new bulbs for it. I got some bulbs and they didnt completely match the wattage but the guy at the auto parts store said that they would work the same just might be brighter. But...
  3. Weird sounds going up steep hills '05 SV650s

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Hey all, first post on this site. I've been searching around for a while about this issue but I feel like I'm still at square one. Over the past few months my sv650 has been making a weird noise and performing oddly only when going up steep hills. Whether starting from a standstill, or hitting...
  4. Gladius Multi-meter Replacement

    SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Tech
    Hey everyone. I've got a '13 Gladius that I love to death. The only thing I don't love is the headlight and the multimeter. They honestly drive me a little crazy. The problem is that I can't seem to find a single replacement for the Multi-meter that's not a really cheap piece from ''...
  5. Fuel pump idle question

    Engine & Transmission
    Hey everyone just got a SV650 ran great then started having idle issues where it was running super rough and now dying, new spark plugs and previous owner put a new fuel pump in, I removed the fuel pump today, and this wire was frayed to where it was barely hanging on and snapped with very...
  6. Universal head light brackets blocked by original bracket - SFV650 2009

    SV Modifications and General Maintenance
    Hey friends, Seeking some advice on a solution for this problem. I am replacing the original headlight and mount of my 2009 SFV650. I got universal brackets that came with a headlight I bought which clamp onto the fork fine but my issue is with the brackets. The original headlight mount is in...
  7. Brake Light Always On?

    SV650 Gen1 (99-02) Tech
    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to this community because I just bought my first "big" bike (started on an 89 NX250), a 2002 naked SV650. I was riding home one night and, just my luck, flew over the top of it when my rear spun out on some crap on the road. Banged up the bike pretty good. I've...
  8. SV650N K3 Regulator Rectifier Replacement

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    I have ordered a replacement regulator rectifier, the one that has arrived came from a SV650S injection model of the same year and has 1, 3 pin connection and 1, 4 pin connection. The original has 1, 2 pin connection and 1, 3 pin connection. Does someone know how to wire this up to the bike or...