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  1. Any eletrical gurus out there??

    Picked up an "08 SV650sf to build a naked. Using the Skytants 7" LED w/ daytime running lights. Looks great, but the daytime running lights are creating an issue with the built in turn signals. Turn signals don't really function well in low beam, high beam they function fine. When I disconnect...
  2. A Question for led headlight

    Hello, everyone. This is a question about s2 concept for Led light. Everyone has the experience for s2 concept led light? My bike is sv650x 2019 I want to change the headlight to Led headlight. How many product I need to buy to complete this installation...
  3. Shin-Yo Twin LED Headlight

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Hi all, I have a '03 SV650, and have been looking to replace the junk headlight the PO installed. I've been eyeing the twin headlight style for a while now and have seen tons of Dominator style cheapies on Amazon/Ebay, but have read threads about how the light output/pattern is even worse than...
  4. Universal head light brackets blocked by original bracket - SFV650 2009

    SV Modifications and General Maintenance
    Hey friends, Seeking some advice on a solution for this problem. I am replacing the original headlight and mount of my 2009 SFV650. I got universal brackets that came with a headlight I bought which clamp onto the fork fine but my issue is with the brackets. The original headlight mount is in...
  5. 05 SV650s Hi-beams aren't working

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Anybody feel like helping out....joined up hoping someone would but yeah here are the details so far... Background: 05 SV650s, had bike for 4 months everything worked awesome except for the occasional loose bolt here and there but i 've got those all snugged up with some blue lock-tite n proper...
  6. Wires to the turn signals

    Can some one help me identify what color wires go to the turn signal trying to install a head light on a 2004 sv650 the guy before cut all the wires and taped them together if any one knows please comment back