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  1. Non-Cosmetic Accessories
    I just got a 2018 SV650 and it's a bit more compact than my 2009 SV650 due to the shorter gas tank and handlebars. The newer model's saddle curves pushing me into a lean. I would like to push the bars forward, but the switches I understand are pegged and can only sit a certain way on the stock...
  2. Non-Cosmetic Accessories
    Need some help with black wider bars but that are the same height as stock... or close enough :)
  3. Parts For Sale
    I’m selling the full kit to convert a standard SV (of the years mentioned) or Gladius from handlebars to raised clipons. Parts are all brand new OEM and in perfect condition, bike has less than 3k miles. Kit comes with abs piping as well, as even that is different between the 650/Gladius and...
1-3 of 3 Results