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  1. Gen 3 SV650 X Bike Performance Upgrades (Suspension + Brakes)

    SV650 Gen3 (17-...) Tech
    Hi All, TLDR: Looking for Suspension and Brakes upgrades recommendations. I have a 2019 SV650 X and I'm wanting to do some upgrades that will actually improve the quality of riding the bike. Everything I've read/heard is that SV's need improved front and rear suspension and better brakes. You...
  2. 2007/2008 suzuki gsxr 1000 front end for sale in CALIFORNIA wiling to ship

    Parts For Sale
    hey guys, have a 95% complete front end of a 1st gen sv650, will fit 1999-2014 i belive only thing missing is a top triple i can ship anywhere in th usa, might be 100-200$ though 818 689 0863...
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