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  1. Suspension, Brakes & Tires
    Just Finished installing my eBay GSXR600 rear shock and it’s a game changer. Freaked out a little when I tried to fit it in, but after seeing the instructions for the Ohlins rear shock, I completely removed the suspension connection for the dog-bones and it fit almost perfect.
  2. SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Hello everyone, I have had a 2003 SV650 for a few years now and i am unhappy with the suspension and brakes. For a reference, i also have a 2007 CBR600RR. I really like the suspension and brakes on the CBR. I still ride both bikes, but i like the power of the SV in the real world. The CBR is...
  3. SV Modifications and General Maintenance
    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone had success in fitting gsxr600/750 06/07 rear shock on their Gen 2 SV ? I found a spreadsheet(which was really helpfull) about what ones fit. Apparentely I only need to remove tool box cover or battery cover and it'll fit ? I just want to know peoples...
1-3 of 3 Results