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  1. Gladius forum
    There seems to be options for an aftermarket seat for the sv650. It kinda looks the same to the gladius so I would think it would be too far off? Cheers
  2. Gladius forum
    Hi All, Just completed my headlight conversion on my gladius and it was pretty easy. What does everyone reckon? Anyone else done this conversion? Cheers,
  3. Gladius forum
    Looks like there are more SV650 exhaust options than the Gladius Would an SV650 exhaust fit on a Gladius without modifcation? Has anyone had any experience? I want to get something like this Gp Duals Stainless Steel for Suzuki Sv 650 2016 - 2021 Cheers
  4. SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    I recently purchased an 09 Gladius with the M4 slipon (still has factory midpipe with the cat), and it has a gorgeous sound but not too loud, just how I like it. However, it seems like it's running rich. The performance is great, but it smells like it's spitting a bit of gas out the end. I want...
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    My little blacky 2014 with only 20.000km
  6. Gladius forum
    Hi all, I went and viewed a fantastic Suzuki Gladius SFV650 today and am quite excited about potentially buying it. I am slightly hung up on one thing. I was sent a video of the bike running yesterday and noticed there was an orange light flashing on the top left corner of the warning light...
  7. SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Tech
    Im looking for a front fender for my 2013 sfv650
  8. Gladius forum
    Hello,I recently purchased a 2013 Suzuki gladius. I was wondering how I could tell the bike has abs or not? I’ll include pictures below: please help!
  9. SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Tech
    Hey Guys, I recently got my hands on a '12 Gladius in white but wanted to try myself on wrapping it into a matte black finish. I took off all the fairings on the Headlight, Sides, and tank Cover, but ran into problems with the Radiator Cover. I tried for 30 min but could not get the...
  10. Gladius forum
    Hi, just wondering any NZ or possibly AUS riders who don’t mind shipping have a stock muffler to fit a Gladius for sale. Can’t find in any wreckers over in NZ. Thank you in advance
  11. SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Tech
    Hey everyone. I've got a '13 Gladius that I love to death. The only thing I don't love is the headlight and the multimeter. They honestly drive me a little crazy. The problem is that I can't seem to find a single replacement for the Multi-meter that's not a really cheap piece from ''...
  12. Gladius forum
    So, I know it's wrong and bad for the motorcycle to make it shoot flames. I have an SFV 650 gladius from 2009. I've seen many videos of SV650's shooting flames. But my friend has an R6 that shoots 3 foot flames and it looks really cool. I currently have a slip on exhaust and the stock cat on...
  13. Motorcycle Talk
    I'm new here so apologies if this isn't the forum to post. I realize this may be a long shot but I'm desperate... My 2013 Suzuki Gladius was stolen off Short St early morning of 5/23 in Asheville, NC. Rear plate #, if it still has one, would be "6N2217". Vin is "JS1VP55A8D2100707". It has a...
  14. For Sale Section
    Hey! I have replaced my muffler with a slip-on and am trying to get rid of the original. Let me know if you need one you can have it for free! Just pay for shipping, I would be shipping from GA, USA.
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1-20 of 24 Results