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  1. Fuel pump idle question

    Engine & Transmission
    Hey everyone just got a SV650 ran great then started having idle issues where it was running super rough and now dying, new spark plugs and previous owner put a new fuel pump in, I removed the fuel pump today, and this wire was frayed to where it was barely hanging on and snapped with very...
  2. Fuel pump won't turn on. Fuel pump relay is functional, but not when installed. A creative solution, please tell me if there are any issues with it.

    Motorcycle Talk
    2nd gen '08. So this started a month and a half ago with a no-start condition which I finally traced to several things. I had to replace the ignition fuse. Then, the fuel pump was not priming. I took out the fuel pump relay and tested it according to the service manual to make sure that it was...