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engine issue

  1. Right side is getting very hot

    Engine & Transmission
    Hello guys, I am a noobie, just got my first bike few days ago (gladius sfv650 2014) , but I am a bit worried as the right side of bike gets very hot and I don't know if it is normal. The bike was standing still for longer time as I had to wait to finish my driving licence because of covid...
  2. Weird sounds going up steep hills '05 SV650s

    SV650 Gen2 (03-15) Tech
    Hey all, first post on this site. I've been searching around for a while about this issue but I feel like I'm still at square one. Over the past few months my sv650 has been making a weird noise and performing oddly only when going up steep hills. Whether starting from a standstill, or hitting...
  3. SV1000 Power Commander Engine Power Issue

    SV1000 (03-07) Tech
    I recently installed a Power Commander V on my 2007 Suzuki SV1000S. After the install I took the bike for a test drive. After about thirty minutes the bike lost engine power. All my other electronics (Dash, Lights, etc) remained on with no issues. When I attempted to restart the bike the starter...