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  1. SV650 Gen1 (99-02) Tech
    Hi all, my 650 has done 14 thou in 20 years. Bought it last summer but didnt ride it much. This year it started leaking fuel so I checked float cutoff - "o" rings were gone on the brass holder - new "o's"and a new gauze on the top plus clean out of gunk fixed that. Now is the bike is great from...
  2. SV650 Gen1 (99-02) Tech
    Releasing clutch and getting into 1st gear from stop is choppy/ jumpy and throttle unpredictable. Sometimes it even dies before getting into gear. It's all great after 1st gear. Sometimes it feels like it's running on only 1 cylinder on 1st, then the other cylinder comes on...
1-2 of 2 Results