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  1. No Front Brake Pressure

    Motorcycle Talk
    So I just ordered a new set of braided Venhill brake lines front and rear, the rears are perfect and nothing is wrong with them. The front lever has no pressure at all but I can still bleed them just fine, there is no air in the lines and they are fully bled but I still have no pressure and no...
  2. Gen 3 SV650 X Bike Performance Upgrades (Suspension + Brakes)

    SV650 Gen3 (17-...) Tech
    Hi All, TLDR: Looking for Suspension and Brakes upgrades recommendations. I have a 2019 SV650 X and I'm wanting to do some upgrades that will actually improve the quality of riding the bike. Everything I've read/heard is that SV's need improved front and rear suspension and better brakes. You...
  3. Can't seem to get short lever pull on my front brakes

    SV Modifications and General Maintenance
    I did my annual brake flush a few weeks ago and got my front brake lever to pull about 1 inch before full lock. I was very happy with it as my front lever pull has been too long (1.5 - 2 in), even though I have stainless steel lines and rebuilt the master cylinder and calipers less than 2 years...