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Duplicolor Midnight Blue Metal Flake (LOTS of meta
Aftermarket Slipon, Racetech Front Suspension, ZX10R Rear,
The bike was filthy when i got it - couldnt even see the rims.

Plastics were toast....literally - the underbelly was burning up on the exhaust header from being mounted incorrectly.

Right side fairing cracked all the way across recently - I presume from hitting a bump and weakenign an old fix.

SEveral holes drilled, filled, crack repairs totally messed up. Drilled imany of the body mounts not connected - ran like crap, but still ran.

Cleaned it up - worked out a few things - this is it now after i did an in home spray job. Dont leave metalflake clear as the finish have to top it or the fuel will eat it away faster than anything else you can imagine.
2001 Suzuki SV650S (Duplicolor Midnight Blue Metal Flake (LOTS of meta)


Some minor mods - nothing severe. needs rejetting and RAM air. Considering one other top secred mod, but havent exactly planned out the geometry yet.

Custom built under seat battery box with relocated fuse system to just behind the right side subframe cover. Easily accessible with a twist of a screwdriver now.
Removed the undertail and made a new one from sheet metal - Rubs when riding 2 up pretty bad so i've got to correct the ride height. Looks clean though - I like it - once the ride height is fixed the hugger gets formed from glass.

Completely redone seats with new HD foam (USCG Approved) Beleive it or not - its very comfortable allowing me to use a race seat design with a long trip comfort. I've done close to 400 miles in a single day and still able to hop on in the morning.
Rebent subframe and fairing stay to something close to spec.

Repainted Duplicolor Midnight Blue 3 coats
sprayed a full can of metal flake (pint)
Sprayed again 2 coats midnight blue to repair my mistakes when buffing...oops
another full can metal flake - this bike has more metal in the paint that the rest of the bike combined (:D)

Still lots to do - Somethign got on the plastic in a couple spots and caused the paint to blister - only in like 3 spots....weird....but its bad enough that i've got to redo it - So I'll knock it all off again, and redo the whole paintjob - but.....i may decide to get one of the pre-painted plastics kit - They look pretty damn nice!

Also made rearset setbacks to push them back 2" and up about 3/4" - was fine until I shaved the seat to the point it is now (only about 3/4" of padding) so it changed the rider geometry and now the rearset really needs to go up about 1/2" and back another inch to be in teh most comfortable position. Right now the pegs are under my toes to keep my legs comfortable and they start to cxramp on longer riders.
added a gps/phone mount to the upper trees to use GPS safely when riding. i suppose it works for Music as well.

Plan on adding a 12v outlet, and a low wattage inverter to supply 110 power off ignition key.
Front: Racetech Emulators, Racetech .85 Static Rate Springs, 8.5 fork oil at 120MM, 2003 Preload Adjusters. 15MM above top tree - still need to back it out a little

Rear: 06 ZX10R Shock with 20F Dogbones (too long in my opinion) Currently set at 6 clicks on bottom - about to change it to to 10 (25 total clicks in range) (compression) Top adjuster set at 4 1/2 turns from closed. I'm going to leave that one alone for a bit (rebound)
Wheel and Tire
Stock tires and rims - although the tires are off a 2007 or somewhere around there.



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