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2005 Beetle blue with matt clear
Pretty stock except suspension
Purchased in fall of 2012, it was a crashed track whip.
It's still a track whip but fixed up nicer than when I got it.
I spent way too much time learning how to fix fiberglass, repairing, sanding it and painting it.
I even paid to get the dent in the tank removed and had it primed for paint.
I also replaced the broken windscreen with another Zero Gravity double bubble.
Then I crashed it in 2013 so this time I think I'll get a professional to the body work and spend that time training.
I went through the forks not knowing what was in there. They look stock but the seller said they had GSXR springs. I soon discovered it had GSXR600 cartridges with aftermarket compression valves of some kind so it has preload and damping adjustment.
Now I know the tell tale blue and gold anodized cap. While I had the forks apart, I got the lowers powder coated satin black to match the frame. Rear shock is a Penske. I don't know what model but it has a reservoir thingy attached to it and cost almost half what I paid for the whole bike.
All the shops I talked to that would even consider painting my bike (fairings & tank) wanted at least $650 so I decided since it will likely be an ongoing issue, I bought a compressor the size of a refrigerator and nice paint gun so back to hours of prep and sanding. I hear you saying: "it's just a track whip and you're just going to crash it again. Who cares what it looks like?" I guess I do. After being a mechanic for pro cycling teams, it's ingrained in me to try and look good for the sponsors at least at the start. I fixed all the 'glass again and painted it 2005 Beetle blue with a flat clear. It looked great until some guy high sided trying to pass me and I slid across the damp grass Stingray power slide style until I low speed bounced off the tire wall. It still looks pretty good and I get compliments all the time which is nice since I'm not a professional painter. I'll update the picture when I get sponsor logos on it.
2005 Suzuki SV650 (2005 Beetle blue with matt clear)



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