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Re: Looking to buy this 06 sv650, need guidance

I wouldn't spend more than $1000 $500 on it. But only if you're eager to spend a few hundred hours in the garage rather than riding it; parts are relatively cheap, but will add up.
The condition of this bike is absolutely shoddy judging from the chain and the horrific rattle can paint jobs, the mysteriously missing gas cap (expect rust in the tank), etc.
So assume it has been crashed multiple times and no significant maintenance was performed. Also assume it was red-lined with a cold engine, oil level never checked, wheelied multiple times and generally abused. Definitely look closely for hair line fractures around the fork stanchions, the frame especially around the steering head, engine cases, etc.

You're looking at a project bike that needs tons of work, maybe even a new engine soon (yes, you can destroy an engine in 10k miles), and will eventually cost you more than a decently treated and cared for bike that's around 2.5-3k even if it has 30, 40, 50k miles. I would stay far away from this bike if you value your money and safety.
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