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list of customizations

My customizations front to back:
  1. custom combination meter: blue LEDs for display, indicators and tach needle; Illumiglo gauge, Multibot by Teeriver
  2. steering bearings (tapered) and seals by All Balls
  3. Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs F-S2 Series (Amazon, $33 for a pair) --> recommended on this thread; they are cheap and very bright!
  4. dual waterproof USB 3.1 A charger (Amazon, $11)
  5. Bikemaster Heated Grips
  6. Bikemaster Superbike handle bar (cut off 1 inch on each side)
  7. aluminum shorty levers, foldable & extendable (eBay)
  8. triangle side mirrors (eBay)
  9. FIAMM Freeway Blaster LOW Note horn
  10. wires for heated grips and USB charger are routed through a terminal block directly to the battery. A relay that is triggered by the ignition, i.e. license plate light, controls power. All accessories have their own in-line fuses.
  11. rebuilt forks with OEM seals and new Sonic Springs 0.90 kg/mm and 15wt PJ-1 fork oil
  12. chin spoiler by Pyramid Plastics
  13. polished front exhaust pipe
  14. new seals & gaskets for engine covers, water pump, front cylinder head
  15. K&N air filter
  16. K&N oil filter, Rotella T6 5W-40 synthetic oil, magnetic drain plug
  17. frame sliders with long bolt, Krator (eBay)
  18. powder-coated rear sets, front sets, clutch cover, generator cover, radiator covers, front forks, steering stem brackets, handlebar risers, headlight brackets & rim by Arcanemoto
  19. used shock from a 06-11 Kawasaki ZX-14R (drop-in, same length as OEM shock)
  20. rear spring by Hyperco HYP187A0500, 500 lbs/in and spring collar from to make it fit to the Kawasaki shock
  21. high reflective blue rim tape by customTAYLOR33 (Amazon)
  22. wheel bearings and seals for front and rear by Boss Bearing
  23. chain & sprocket conversion to 520; 15/47 gearing (2 up in the back) with EK 520MVXZ blue chain and Superlite RS7 steel sprockets set
  24. exhaust muffler by FUEL, F1R Road 350mm black stainless round, with black mounting bracket
  25. exhaust hanger by railsideperformance (eBay)
  26. Spencer's Seat Modification with Supracor
  27. OEM seat cowl by
  28. LED flash controller 7-pin by screamfox (amazon), UPDATE: this controller just died after just a couple of months of use; it may have to do with me power-washing my bike; ordered a new one from Amazon seller iJDMTOY
  29. fender eliminator and LED indicators by creese1 (eBay)
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