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Originally Posted by Syscrush View Post
However, the payoff is in the weight and looks department. The bike is so narrow, very light (under 330lbs dry), and easy to ride (other than the low-speed chugging and not-great low-RPM on/off throttle). It's a peach in the midrange.
You certainly are not alone thinking thin is beautiful. Again, I am probably the odd one out who thinks wide motor and narrow seat is best looking. It's a bit analogous to big tits and a narrow waist - my fave. The Boldors and the Z's accentuated that look better than most.

Sorry Syscrush, posts 12021 and 12022 were posted with you in mind, not Bluey (Bluethunder). I am hopeless at remembering who is who in this anonymous cyberplace. I forgot who had the 690.

I hope everyone had a pleasing Chrissy. I went back to Bathurst to visit my brother, which was nice, but my license was almost destroyed by the Filth on the way home, double demerit points over Chrissy. How's this? I drive like an angel and find it nigh impossible to abide by the law on a bike; but I only get busted on the seldom occasion I nudge the limits when driving. I'll refrain from starting an anti-policing theme on the thread.
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