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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

small progress report here...

i figured out how to mount the side panels and probably the tail as well.

I picked up some of these from the hardware store. stainless steel bolts!

so i drilled a hole though both the panel and the frame, widened the hole for the insert, and ground a recess so after welding it would be flush:

and after it was welded and ground (kept a sacrificial screw in it to keep crap out of the threads)

the other mounting point was easier, as it was just a tab welded to the frame with once of those nuts welded on the back. and here you have the mounted panel.

it still needs to be fine tuned before it gets copied in CF, but we are getting closer

I also made a template for the undertail

it will be mounted by a couple tabs as well, and will be the easiest part to make in CF (and most likely the first too)

more to come on Saturday
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