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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

I do have an update... small in size as i had a small hiccup... when i made the templates for the side-covers and the tail, i didnt have the seat in the proper position, so my templates were off. so the first order of business was the secure the seat.

Then, before i could work on the tail cap, i needed to finalize the "front" part of the tail, so, i did got that welded up: (and you can see part of the seat securing)

Now, i am having trouble fitting the cap as it has to both be removable, symmetrical and leave enough room to fit the tail-light.. this is the idea.. but just not good enough. i will weld in the tail-light first, then fit the tail.

then i started work on the side covers:

the problem is... these have to be removable too, and secure.

I also got the Jardine can in the mail. got this Titanium can for $40 on ebay... gonna try and mount it under the engine by shortening the can and the header.

anyway, i should have another update after working tonight
i want to get the side covers and tail on.

thanks for looking!
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