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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

Well.... i did some work!
I decided rather than going with a heavier gauge steel, i would build a tubular frame from teh tail and use 22 gauge steel (plus it is cheaper!) so.. i cut it to rough shape on the shear at work.
Here is a picture of just sheared, and finished product

I shaped one piece (per side) till i was happy with it, then i used it as a template for the other piece to get the right shape and speed up the grinding:

Lots and LOTS of checking with tape before welding:

I started with one side till i was happy with it, then copied the sheet metal for the opposite side. keeping it symmetrical was a constant battle:

once i was happy with it, i welded some support in there, and then tack welded it in:

Sorry there are no daylight pictures.. i will get those today.
My taillight fits in there nicely though:

The Koso too:

By then it was about 9:30pm.. too late to be doing noisy stuff, so i took off the water pump... ew! check out the oil/coolant mixture that leaked out on the table:

Ordered a much better condition pump today off ebay.

then.. at 10pm my parents "kicked me out" alas.
Another update later tonight...
thanks for looking!
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