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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

hey guys!
small update here; got some parts... expensive parts. i sold all mu stuff for these
Omnia Racing headlight $200
Koso digital gauge $175

Also, i started investigating the innards of the engine. I took off the Oil cooler cover (i think that is what it is) and found this:

After getting the very corroded bolts out, i got the oil cooler off.

is that much corrosion normal? what is supposed to go where? i was expecting to find oil inside of the cooler. help would be appreciated

and also.. as an aside.. here is what i am working on at work. i have to make 64 of these steel parts where the largest dimension is the diameter at 0.092 inches. the drill is for the hole going horizontally through the part... and it is only 0.075 inches long! the drill is just under 0.020 inches in dia. how many of those do you think i will break?

Rock on yall!
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