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Pillion Seat

tl;dr What I am wondering is whether a gen 1 seat will fit a gen 2 bike? I've tried parts diagrams like partzilla but they limit to generation. Just wondering if it is possible.

The details:

I have a gen 2 sv650 (2005) that came with an aftermarket fairing kit with a cowl, the original owner lost the rear seat. It's been converted to the sv650s.

I've found a few on eBay, and don't want to spring too much for one, but am looking to take some females on rips. 97.5% riding solo.

I think my seat is aftermarket, jpg [as I am a new member apparently links to images are forbidden, remove the space in the link before "jpg"].

This gen 1 seat seems to have the nearest match in texture [remove the space before ".ca"]: ebay. ca/itm/Rear-Pillion-Passenger-Seat-For-Suzuki-SV400-SV650-1998-2002-1999-2000-2001/291980071601?hash=item43fb5e52b1:g:~bAAAOSw8w1X-H~j

All the gen 2 seats I'm finding have a smooth leather finish while my seat is textured.

So, any help or suggestions are appreciated while I continue to hunt.

Safe riding
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