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Bike Won't start-FI light and C42 error code

Replaced the shock on an 04 naked.

Had to cut the battery box and push it back along with the ECM.

Now bike won't start and flashed FI. No fuel injection whirl when I turn the key, but starter turns over. Put it in dealer mode and C42 kicks out (Ignition switch)

Check about every electrical connection and nothing loose or disconnected. Fuses are fine. The ignition switch worked before the shock switch. The kill switch is off, but if I flip it on, the display will change to "CHEC". Poked around and some threads suggested a bunch of things to do to the ignition switch (squirting cylinder with WD40 and turning the key on/off, disconnect battery etc). Nothing worked.

Only think I can think of is I had to put a battery charger on the battery and tried to started it with it connected (set to 6 AMPs at the time). Hoping I didn't fry something, but if I did, I need pointers on where to look and how to find it.

I'm an electrical retard, so I can use any help anyone can lend. is offline   Reply With Quote