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Re: My bike starts and runs for a few seconds, then dies. Then starts, runs and dies

Funny story:

I recently put new spark plugs in my SV. For context, I am an auto technician with over 10 years' experience, and I now mostly work on electrical diagnostics on Mercedes. I've also owned and worked on my SV for 8 years and over 50,000 miles. So I have all the tools you might need or want. I have quite a bit of experience.

I did everything quickly and efficiently. Popped the side covers off, then the seat, then the tank. Found an extension to prop up the tank. I know exactly which screwdrivers to grab to get the airbox out. Got the rear plug out. Gapped the new plugs. Put a dab of dielectric grease on the plug and torqued it to spec. Reinstalled everything. Moved onto the front plug. Popped the radiator and horn off, did the same with the front plug. Popped the rad and horn back on. Maybe I spent 10 minutes doing all this.

Then I thought, oh! the drain hole! Grabbed my air gun and stuck it in the hole and gave it a squeeze. POP! Huh, I wonder what that was? Maybe all the dirt blowing back at me?

Go to fire up the bike and it is clearly running on only one cylinder.

Take a closer look. I had blown the front plug wire off the plug and I couldn't get it to seat back down without taking the horn and the radiator back off! D'OH!
Have a nice ride.
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