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Re: my dream in Blue & Black with tons of OEM mods (2nd Gen)

I tried to get out those broken front exhaust studs today:

Blasted them with Freeze-Out (20 secs), followed by Liquid Wrench, tapped them lightly with a hammer, and then... the wooden block under the engine dropped and the whole front of the bike came crashing down.

Word to the wise if you have a bolt that may be corroded: follow the steps outlined in this article before you start monkey-wrenching and you'll hopefully never break off a bolt willy-nilly.

Luckily the Abba pivot stand held up and the drop was stopped by the oil filter, so no real damage done. The bike is surprisingly light right now, so after I struggled for a bit myself, trying to get the wooden blocks placed under the engine again, I was finally able to stabilize the bike with the help of a friend who was also working on his bike in my garage...

After that episode it was time to move on and get the rear shock and rear wheel back on the bike, so the Abba stand could hold up the bike by itself again and I didn't have to rely on those flimsy blocks of wood.

Surprisingly, I got a few things done in the end without any major incidents:
  • cut off the plastic tool box with a dremel (I have no factory tool set anyways)
  • new rear shock installed; had to cut off about 2mm of the lower mounting bolt so the rear cushion rod had enough clearance
  • new rear sprocket mounted
  • rear wheel installed with new wheel bearings
  • reflective rim tape from CustomTaylor33; left side sloppy, right side a'ight; I'll definitely do a better job on the front wheel tomorrow
I'm just happy I didn't completely f*$# up my bike today and got some stuff mounted back on, and the bike secured on the stand again with the swing arm strap.
Here's her good side right now:

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