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Re: The Cafe/2Stroke/Single/Twin/Brit/Euro/Cool Bike Pic Thread

Originally Posted by The Mad Hatta! View Post
yep. Nakeds are still cooler. Fairings are for the race track, or for posers. The only other possible exception would be touring bikes.. if you can't handle the wind that is.
Originally Posted by Boldor View Post
Compare the look of a 916's engine to a 750SS roundcase. Fairings don't encourage visually beautiful engineering. Hardcore race machines look sort of beautiful in a narrowed, functional way, but I could never afford the time (let alone the money) to race.

Why hide the engine? It's such a big part of the whole kickass-power-in-an-affordable-vehicle-attitude that bikes are all about to me. And when I play with kickarse power, things get bent and busted. I don't want to include fairings in that equation.
You'd better start another thread for that cause I could spend all day refuting that bollocks. Screw wind blast, and screw having to clean all bugs out of hard to get into areas. Naked bikes are only good for slow**** who don't ride much.
I want a hobby, not just a bike

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